Sep 18

What sound does the earth make ?

Category: Atmosphere

Well this is it,

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as recorded by NASA’s twin Radiation Belt Storm Probe (RBSP) satellites
These are real sound as you would hear if you were in space listening to them !

It is due to an interaction between the earths magnetosphere and energetic particles.

It has been known about for some time and is called “The Chorus” sounding for all the world like a bird’s song !

I hope you enjoy it, I certainly did!

Audio Credit: Universityof Iowa
Visualisation Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center


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Mar 30

Earth Hour – How will you participate ?

Category: Atmosphere

From humble beginnings in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour has become a a Global time

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for reflection on how we can all make a difference in protecting the planet from – 7 Billion of us.


It also highlights the level of light pollution across the

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world, all of which destroys our fundamental right to an unimpeded view of the birthplace of the planet itself (and us) that grand Galaxy, The Milky Way of which we are but a small part.

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Mar 22

Solar Flares & Their effect on the earth.

Category: Atmosphere

An interesting question has been posed on the ABC Far North Regional Radio Gardening Program. “Is the rise in Solar Flares

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affecting plants with unexplained burning observed”

Firstly a quick explanation

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of how the sun interacts with the earths Atmosphere, a topic covered several time on ATSG. The charged plasma ejected during CME events on the sun certainly interacts with the earths Atmosphere producing Glorious Aurora’s. However the most likely effect on the ground will be any growth of the Ozone Hole that develops over The Arctic and Antarctic each year. The resulting increase in UV can certainly have an effect on plants and animals on the earth.

More to come on this subject !

27-3-12: This Simulation from NASA certainly highlights the amount of energy released into our Atmosphere by these events !




Mar 12

Venus and Jupiter in March 2012

Category: Atmosphere

Venus and Jupiter are currently giving us a wonderful show

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in the western sky at sunset. The attached annimation shows their progress accross the heavens through to the 1st of April. Including

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a wonderful conjunction with the moon on the 26th of March. There are some great photo opportunities in these beautiful conjunctions, I hope your skies are clear !

With a bit of determined observing I was able to get a shot of the best alignment, through the clouds on the 26-3


Double click on the image to run the annimation.

Conjunctions Annimation March 2012

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Feb 18

Mars Opposition 3rd March 2012

Category: Atmosphere

Mars is again moving to opposition, rising in the east as the sun sets

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in the west on the 3rd of March 2012.
With the on again off again wet season here in the NT, I almost missed this opposition of Mars. All the details of the Mars opposition can be found at the MarsWatch site.

So now is the time to get your telescopes out and see what surface features you can pick out on Mars as it moves through the constellation

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of Leo as seen in the animation below running from the 20-2 to the 5-3, thanks to the elegant simplicity of Cartes-Du-Ceil. Each step of the animation is 1 day starting on Monday the 20th of Feb through to the closest apparition of Mars on the 5th of March.
To get yourself oriented under the night sky check

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out my astronomy homepage

Mars with a very good Scope and near perfect skies !


Mars Opposition 2012– Animation !


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Dec 22

Comet Lovejoy C2011-W3 – A must see Comet

Category: Atmosphere

Comet Lovejoy is also known as C/2011 W3. It’s a periodic comet discovered by Terry Lovejoy, an amateur astronomer. He discovered the comet on the 27th of November 2011. The path of the comet was predicted to head right through the Sun’s corona, resulting in its destruction.

Predicted Demise

Many experts thought that the ice core of the comet wasn’t massive enough to survive passing through the Solar Corona, considering it’s several million degrees in there. The comet passed only 120,000 km up above the actual surface of the sun. Researchers thought the case was cut and dry, but were still very interested in getting to actually observe a comet passing through the suns corona, due to the possibility of valuable research from the event.

Comet Lovejoy from WA - Credit Colin Legg


At 12:35 AM UTC time, on December 16th, the comet surprised everyone by reemerging from the sun. There were five separate spacecraft there to provide a video feed of the event. Two different NASA space observatories for Solar Dynamics, two different probes, and a microsatellite from Europe captured the miraculous rebirth of the comet from a variety of different angles.

In the video, you can see the comet wriggling as the tail enters into the sun. Some researchers say that it might be due to the comet’s interaction with magnetic fields that exist across and through the atmosphere of the sun, but no one knows for sure why the tail moved in the way it did.

The unexpected rebirth of the comet will get continued coverage from video feeds, since scientists are interested to know what exactly the effect of moving right through the sun had on the comet. Some say that the core of Lovejoy must have been at least 500 meters in diameter to have enough sheer matter to not be instantly sublimated by the journey through the star.

The behavior of the comet as it moves back deep into the outer solar system, will give scientists clues as to how extensive the damage was, structurally. Some believe that the comet may now fall apart from the stress.

The interaction of comets and the Sun isn’t yet well understood by scientists, so all such events bring well needed information to the community.

Sun Grazers

Lovejoy is part of a group of comets called “Kreutz Sungrazers.” These are a particular group of comets that have orbits that take them very close to the sun. Some believe that they were originally one large comet that has broken up over time, perhaps from the closer encounters with the sun. the comets are often large enough to actually be visible to the naked eye when they pass near the Earth.

An Emerging Great Comet

At the time of writing the comet was displaying a tail of some 13 Degrees of Arc (more than 1/2 a hand span) This display is visible in the southern hemisphere. Initial photos have been coming out of Australia, showing the spectacular tail. Perhaps it might be as good as comet Mcnaught of 2007. Already it is much better than the well known Hayleys comet.

The Chart Below will show you how to find the comet over the Christmas break:

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Nov 2

Tropical Sundog


This was a first for me in 7 years of watching the sky in the NT seeing a Sun Dog. I almost ran off the road on my way home, as to my absolute surprise there was a “Second Sun” in the sky, just before sunset. As a Space Weather follower, I knew I had a Sun Dog.

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Something I have never seen in our tropical skies.

I raced for the camera and these images are the results. It even brightened before my eyes at one stage. It is amazing that tiny hexagonal ice crystals high in the upper atmosphere can align and have such a dramatic effect. These optical effects occur in a 22deg arc around the sun and can form above, below and to the sides of the sun. The closest I have seen to this is a sunbow, about 5 years ago. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more of these & my guess is now that I am looking I will see more .




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Aug 11

UFO's ? – Strange Blue Lights Nhulunbuy NT

Category: Atmosphere

As the resident Astronomer & Science show host, I get asked a lot of questions.
This week I have an odd one though.
At Aprox 7pm on Tues 9th Aug a bright blue light appeared in the night sky moving from east to west over a period of aprox 4 to 6 seconds. It was variously reported as being low (lower than an approaching aircraft) Bright blue to white, silent, not exploding or breaking up.
My first thought was it was a meteor or a piece of reentering space junk, then the possibility of an Iridium Satellite flare or the International Space station.

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of these exactly fit the times and descriptions and the mystery deepened when I received a report of a similar sighting the next night on Wednesday traveling

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in the opposite direction around 10 pm. Next thought is that some visiting Canadian troops my have been engaged in exersizes, but not according to my sources. One could have simply been

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a meteor, but 2 ?

The Mystery continues …… but there is sure to be a rational explaination. The ISS is still high on my list, not withstanding the time diferences.

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Jun 17

The Deep Lunar Eclipse – June 2011

There are times when the planets align perfectly and on Thursday morning

the 16th June 2011 the earth and the moon did just that,

for the deepest lunar eclipse in over 10 years.

I watched in awe as the moon started it’s track into the Earths deep
shadow or Umbra, as it is known. Sitting beneath the overhanging
branches of a mature Mahogany tree as it framed the moon in the cool
morning air of Nhulunbuy was magical. Add the mellow sounds of Pink
Floyd, “Wish You Were Here”and the scene becomes surreal. As the eclipse
progressed and the black “bite” out of the moon grew larger the Pink Floyd
music could not have been better better choreographed had I tried.
It did  not seem long before the entire moon was in the deep shadow
and glowing an eerie Coppery red. With the sky darkening sporadic
meteors shot across the western sky as if to herald the deepest part
of the eclipse. At the height of the moons eclipse, the centre of the moon
darkened while the outer edges took on a dark red glow, framed by the
now easily visible surrounding stars. Clouds started to roll in at this point,
but I was satisfied to have seen the Eclipse from start to the deepest point
of its plunge into the earths shadow.
I look forward to the next eclipse on December 11th at midnight.

Sounds like a great excuse for a Lunar Eclipse moon party !

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Mar 17

Kepler Mission – New Earths

The Kepler planet hunting

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space telescope has achieved astounding success in not only finding 1500 new planets around other stars. It has discovered what has never been done to date, finding earth like planets ….


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