Aug 8

Perseids Meteor Shower – Peak

Category: Atmosphere

The Perseids have been in the space news already with NASA’s announcement that they have the highest rate of Fireballs of all the recognized meteor showers. Early fireballs have already been spotted, In fact I have seen a few of these myself !

The Peak of the Perseid’s Meteor shower is on the morning of Tuesday the 13th. Hourly rates of 60-100 per hour is typical for this shower. A good CLEAR & DARK, NE to N horizon is needed to observe this shower. I have found this to be the most consistent & appealing Meteor Shower of the year & the further North you are the better it is. it is also worth looking on the morning before and after the predicted peak as rates can vary depending on your location on the planet.

This year I will be in Cairns for the peak and I am hoping a few other keen Meteor Shower watchers will join me in the cool morning air to observe this shower.
Even if you are not lucky enough to be in FNQ at this delightful time of year, It would be great to hear of your Perseids experience here
If you have never got up in the early hours of the morning to watch a meteor shower, I can highly recommend it (even better with a thermos of hot coffee)

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