Oct 30

The Total Solar Eclipse – Arnhem land NT

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I have been asked many times in the past few weeks just what will be visible of the eclipse for Nhulunbuy in Arnhem Land NT.
So from the eclipse chasers site here it is:
Partial eclipse.
Magnitude (along diameter): 98%
Obscuration (surface area):99%
Begins: 7:44:12.7 PM UT, Not visible
Maximum: 8:35:29.4 PM UT, Alt: 3 degrees
Ends: 9:31:41 PM UT, Alt: 17 degrees
(Note: times are Universal time not local)
Calculated results at this point:
Calculated point at 12.183S, 136.7782E

This is calculated for up on Mt Saunders in Nhulunbuy.
However anywhere you have a clear view of the sunrise at the horizon will be good.
Note that the sun is only 3 Degree’s about the horizon at maximum, IE: soon after sunrise.

Totality !
You will have to venture south to see a total eclipse !
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a link on my 2012 Total Eclipse page for performing calculations for the eclipse at a given point.

For a look at totality you would have to be at least at this point on the track out
Calculated point at 12.5941S, 136.5738E :

This is what you would see, IF you have a clear view of the eastern horizon.

Total Alt.*
1st contact: 5:14:35.5 AM
2nd contact: 6:05:28.4 AM 3.5
Mid eclipse: 6:05:54 AM 3.6
3rd contact: 6:06:19.5 AM 3.7
4th contact: 7:02:01.9 AM 16.6
Calculated Limb corrections applied.
C2=1.5, C3=2.9 seconds.


Total duration

Totality duration at this location was calculated as 49.7 seconds. The Sun will be about 3.6 degrees above the astronomical horizon for totality.

Remember stay safe and always use safe solar viewing methods, such as these eclipse glasses available at NightSkySecrets.com

Happy Eclipse chasing

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